Over 35 years of Outstanding Performance

ADEBOLA SOBANJO COMPANY is a multi-disciplinary professional firm established in 1980 to carry on business as consultants, accountants and tax experts. Over the years the company has grown with offices strategically located to render services in every area of our company business. The offices are located in Abuja and Lagos. As a result of growth we established three divisions to enable us service our clients effectively and efficiently. The divisions are:

* Adebola Sobanjo Company Limited
* Adebola Sobanjo and Company
* Adebola Sobanjo Associates Limited
* Entrepreneurship Promotions Academy

All Divisions are knitted together to form the Brand Sobanjo International.

Our core competence lies in the fast and efficient delivery of our client’s orders, also our strength as an Organization ready to satisfy our customer lies in our flexible financial structure. Our access to funding gives us an edge over others in the Industry as we are very capable of meeting up with whatever our client requires at the best affordable prices and on time.

Prompt Service
Concern for people and Organizations